A very powerful feng shui cure for wealth and abundance, the feng shui aquarium, should be placed carefully in the best direction to bring positive results.

The energy of wealth and abundance can be attracted through the most beautiful and powerful feng shui cure i.e. feng shui aquariums.They attract more and more wealth hi, by increasing the energy in any home manifold, when taken care of seriously and if placed accordingly.

Aquariums are a perfect balance of all the five feng shui elements and they tend to bring a harmonious combination of various wealth attracting feng shui factors, therefore they are considered very auspicious.

First of all, the water present in the aquarium, represents Feng Shui Water Element.

Secondly, the metal used in aquarium structuring, brings in feng shui metal element

Thirdly, the plants in the aquarium represent the Feng Shui Wood Element.

Fourth, the red, orange and yellow gold coloured fishes inside, as also the aquqrium lighting represents Feng Shui Water element.

Fifth, the small rocks and gravel at the bottom of the aquarium constitute the Feng Shui Earth Element.

The Feng shui wealth and abundance area is the southeast direction, therefore the best direction to keep your feng shui aquarium, but you can also place it in north direction as a career cure and east direction as health and family cure.

An Aquarium should never be placed inside the kitchen or your bedroom, and it would be bad feng shui for the bedroom and the kitchen, because it tends to bring unwanted feng shui energies to these two areas of the house.

The Arrowana or Dragon fish is the most famous fish for wealth cure in feng shui, but the purest arrowanas are quite expensive to buy. But, the Koi , or Gold fish, are also very effective and a beauty to look at. It is believed that it is extremely auspicious to keep eight gold fishes and one black fish in the aquarium.

Each area belongs to a particular feng shui element, so we should try to buy an aquarium whose shape is in accordance with the sector we plan to place it in. For example:

If you wish to place a feng shui aquarium in the north sector of your house or office, it is good to have it in round shape as it corresponds to the Metal Element in feng shui.


If you plan to keep the feng shui aquarium in the southeast direction, which represents the wood element, one should opt for a square shaped aquarium for (Earth Feng Shui Element Shape) and rectangular shape for (Wood Feng Shui Element Shape). Since metal element shape is too strong for the Wood Element of the southeast direction, one can choose a smaller sized round shaped aquarium (Metal Feng Shui Element Shape).

One must take very good care of it, supply it with your good energies and good thoughts, and try to keep it fresh and beautiful always, for it to prove a good feng shui cure for you. The feng shui wealth cure would work effectively and positively only when we keep the water clean, hygienic and oxygenated, the fishes remain healthy and happy, the plants and their surroundings well-lit and vibrant green, within the feng shui aquarium.

To strengthen its energy as a feng shui wealth cure, one should spend time with the fishes, enjoy their presence and take good care of the fishes and be aware of the role it plays in feng shui.