Mirror is the instrument via which the dit-to image of any scene, person or thing can be viewed. However, it sounds really nice if one claims that what he/she reflects outside is similar to that of the inner soul of the same guy. But discipline and regulative implementation must be followed to ensure the benefits of such regulations in life.

Things to remember while installing mirror in the house:

  • The exact location to fit a mirror should be located in the north or east direction of the wall.
  • Any kind of glass, shinning material or mirror should be prohibited to fit in the east facing wall.
  • Adorning material made of glass, aquarium and wall clock should be decorated in the east or north direction.
  • Mirror or glass materials must be stuck to the wall at the height of 4 to 5 feet from the floor.
  • No mirror should be fit in the study room as it may divert the attention of the growing kids and lack of concentration can lead to ruin of their potential.
  • A dressing table embellished with the tall mirror beside it is beneficial but if it is placed in front of the bed in which the shadow of the sleeping person falls would cast ill effect and hence, must be covered or displaced from such location.
  • The mirror in child’s room or in kid’s toilet should be eradicated from there as it can cast negative impact on children.
  • Mirror in the west direction of children’s room is unfit for kids as it may incarnate adversity to their health.
  • The location of mirror in the south wall of children’s room makes them obstinate and mutinying.
  • The reflection of sky scrapping building in the mirror of the house must be prohibited.