The phrase ‘Home, sweet home’ sounds soothing and pamper the spirit of any individual with the evoking of visual image of a prosperous house where pain, anxiety and stress would have no room. We expect peace, health, wealth and improvement in intellectual at our home. Vastu shastra norms are constituted to eradicate the shortcomings existing in living atmosphere and establishing balance between the natural elements and human being with the aid of ruling planets and their cosmic force. A home is divided into several rooms such as living room, dining room, kitchen, bath-room and bed room. Apart from these, there are many things in the house those should be located at their proper place according to vastu guidelines or norms. Else, severe consequences may be noticed in the life of occupants. Leave all your worries on vastu shastra regarding accurate placement of house accessories and varied rooms. Keep the following tips in mind while planning and designing your sweet home authentically:

Vastu for plot selection:

  • Observe the soil if it is red, brick red or yellow because these types of soils are good for house building.
  • Avoid clayey and sandy ground to construct your house there as both will require over expenditure on the construction of the building but the risk of weak foundation will always keep you worried.
  • Each cardinal direction has its diversified advantage such as:
    -  East facing house is ideally good for teachers, priests, professor and other intellectual laureates.
    -  North facing house is good for government servicemen and men in power like politician, administrator etc.
    -  South facing plot is suitable for business men.
    -  West facing house is fruitful to supporting servicemen of the society.
  • The slope from west to east or south to north is considered worthwhile for residential purpose.

Vastu for bed-room:

  • Locate your bed-room in the southwest, south or west corner of the house.
  • The directions that are recommended as the best for placing the bed as per vastu are southwest, south and west.
  • The entrance should be from the east, west or north directions of the bed room.
  • Windows can be designed from southeast to south and northwest to west directions.
  • The excellent directions for turning your head while sleeping on the bed are south and east whereas west and north should be avoided.
  • The head of the family should prefer southwest direction at the upper storey of the house if it exists. Otherwise, the instruction should be implemented on the ground floor for the bed room planning of any married adult or head of the family.
  • The color scheme should be soft and blissful such as light green, light blue, rose pink or gray.
  • Cupboard can be placed at the south, west or southwest corners of the bed-room.
  • Almirah and heavy furniture should be put on the southwest portion of it.
  • Mirror should be kept veiled at night.
  • The shape of the bed should either be square or rectangular. Avoid clutter in the box bed, if there is any.

Vastu for kitchen:

  • The perfect location of kitchen is southeast or northwest direction of the plot.
  • North, east or northeast directions are worthy for constructing the entrance.
  • Larger window along with exhaust fan should be planned in the east while smaller windows can be embedded in south wall of the kitchen.
  • The gas stove should have its position in the southeast corner that must be kept out of the sight from outside.
  • Eastwards facing should be followed during preparing meals.
  • The sink should be plumbered in the northeast corner. The same portion should be shared with the installation of water filter.
  • Avoid overhead storage in the form of drawers and cabinets.
  • Vastu recommends putting the refrigerator in either northwest or southwest portions of the kitchen but the distance should be maintained between the wall and refrigerator.
  • Microwave can kept at the southeast side of it.

Vastu for study-room:

  • Study-room should be located in the west direction of the house. Study room at the upper floor lets the sunrays enter into the room in surplus which are beneficial for studying in serenity and calm atmosphere in the west direction.
  • Pyramidal shape of study room works wonder for meditating and increasing concentration level.
  • The door of this room should be built in the northeast or north direction.
  • There should be provision of windows on the east (bigger) wall and west (smaller) wall of the study room.
  • Study table should be kept in such position at the north, east or northeast corner of this room that the brightness of the sun would help in enhancing memory power and develop concentration.
  • Book-shelves should be embedded in the north, east or northeast wall but slightly downwards in order to reach to them easily.
  • Southeast direction should be preserved for placing computer and tale lamp on it.

Vastu for toilet/bath-room:

  • Northwest, west or southeast directions are suitable for constructing toilet/bath-room in your house.
  • Fit the door of toilet/bath room at the east or west direction.
  • Smaller window would provide good ventilation from east or west sides whereas northern wall can be a good option for bigger one.
  • The floor should be constructed 1 or 2 feet higher than the ground level and rough surface is recommended for it as it eliminates the danger of being slipped.
  • Shower, wash basin and bath tub should be placed in the northeast, north or east direction of it.
  • Mirror should be stuck on the eastern or northern wall.
  • WC should be fixed in such direction that the use would face towards north or south side.
  • The color of its wall should be light in hue such as white, cream and pale.