Vastu states that sitting under the overhead beam is an open invitation to death. The inauspiciousness may afflict you in form of ill health, short life span, death of dears, financial crisis and many more. Offices should not have any over head beams because it may ruin you financially. Even if you have an over head beam in the office try to avoid sitting and working directly under it.

Vastu’s philosophy is born out of Indian mythology. And the concept of over head beams is also discovered from the same particularly from the stories of Puranas. There is a story that relates to Hiranyakashyap and Prahalad.It seems that Hiranyakashyap had a boon that he cannot be killed ny a male or female, not with any weapon, neither on the earth nor sky and neither in the house nor ouside the house. At last he was killed by the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Narsingh. He was killed at the dawn at the threshold of the house. After this epic none rests, sits or stands under the beam.
It depends on you whether you believe or not but I have solved many cases where over head beams have ruined many lives. Overhead beams strain the person sitting under it. Therefore you must avoid placing chair, table and other things under the beam.
Vaastu tips to neutralize the adverse effect of overhead beams:

  • Cover the overhead beam with the smooth ceiling of tiles. Smooth means there should not be any irregularities on the ceiling.
  • Try to stand two bamboo sticks on the beam to neutralize its effect.
  • Install the green replica of Lord Ganesha on both the sides of beam to dispel the negative effect of overhead beams.