The idea to move up and down is supposed to be impossible without Stair-case or steps. Navigation from the summit to the fathom of every building requires stair-case or steps to move. Their value is rather more than to walk upstairs or downstairs. Vastu advocates adopting some vital laws before constructing or designing the stair-case. They are as follow:

  1. The steps or staircase must be designed in the southwest, south or west direction of the building. Beware of cancer as it may cause if stair-case or steps would be constructed in the northeast corner of the house.
  2. The slope of the steps must be towards east to west or north to south as its substitute.
  3. Clockwise turn of each step to the next flight would invite positivity and pious energy to your house.
  4.  The upward rising of step should be in the odd sequence such as 15, 17 and so on.
  5.  The attractive steps or stair-case in spiral or circular design must not be constructed as it occupy a large space as well as create complications for the positivity to enter into your house.
  6. Empty space or vacant area under the stair-case must be prohibited to utilize for any purpose.


Light color marbles or tiles are suggested for your stair-case.